Traditional handling for modern control.

A leva, or spring lever machine, creates the pressure needed for an espresso by tensioning a spring via the pull of a lever instead of using a pump, as is common today. This completely manual operation makes handling the Leva a uniquely personal experience.

With your MANUMENT Leva Machine, you can revive the satisfaction of the classic leva process, but now with an unprecedented level of control. On this page we will explain exactly how to get the absolute best from your machine.

How to make coffee.

  1. Fill the water tank
  2. Switch machine ON
  3. Set temperature with temperature control
  4. Load the portafilter and tamp ground coffee
  5. Insert the portafilter firmly in the machine
  6. Pull the Leva lever
  7. Open flow valve with flow lever for extraction
  8. Close flow valve to end extraction
  9. Open and close the flow valve to purge remaining water
  10. Remove and clean portafilter

How to make steam.

  1. Set to MANU
  2. Set temperature with temperature control – min. 120°C
  3. Open steam lever slightly for a moment to purge steam wand
  4. Open steam lever fully and steam milk
  5. Purge steam wand and clean with a damp cloth

How to clean the MANUMENT Leva.

  1. Remove and rinse portafilter and filter
  2. Use enclosed tool to loosen and remove screw shower screen and shower (f)
  3. Rinse screw, shower screen & shower
  4. Clean the inside of the coupling area with a damp cloth
  5. Wipe dry shower parts and replace on machine
  6. Remove and rinse drip tray

How to read the signal lights.

Lever in rest/start position – Leva is ready to use

Green blinking:
Lever has been pulled, heater is on – water reaches set temperature

Blue blinking:
Pressure has been reached – machine ready for extraction

Error indication – remaining water was not drained, heater switched off automatically. Please purge! If red light stays on, consult user manual.