Why a spring lever machine?

The MANUMENT team was inspired by the incomparable sensory experience of extracting an espresso by hand with a spring lever machine and saw an opportunity to revive the classic lever process. However, classic machines always have one thing in common: they are traditionally associated with the typical technical problems.

With the ambition to make it fun, safe and easy to get the perfect espresso, we updated and optimized the technology of the original spring lever machine down to the last detail, using the latest technological and mechanical advances and the best possible materials for the MANUMENT Leva Machine.

The result: an incomparably sensuous, perfect espresso.

Manument Leva Maschine Illustration

How and where is the water being heated? How much time it takes to warm up?

The MANUMENT Leva Machine does not have a conventional boiler, of course. The MANUMENT engineering team focused on the development of technological innovation: the multi-flow heater system.

Two separate heating elements, one for coffee and one for steam and hot water, heat only the exact amount of water needed for a double shot of espresso or steaming milk, at the moment when hot water is needed. This means the Leva Machine is always ready for immediate use. It also prevents overheating and temperature fluctuations during prolonged use, a common problem with conventional lever machines.

How do I know what pressure I’m working with?

The MANUMENT Leva Machine has two approx. 23 cm long springs. These exert a pre-defined pressure of 9 bar at the start of extraction. As the spring relaxes during extraction the pressure slowly decreases.

Instead of Pressure Profiling, the MANUMENT Leva Machine offers Flow Profiling, another way of controlling the espresso extraction process. The manual water-flow system allows manual direct control to determine the intensity of water flow onto the ground and tamped beans in the portafilter.

How is the water tank refilled? Can the machine be connected to the main water supply?

The MANUMENT Leva Machine has a glass water tank, which can be removed from the machine and refilled while placed on a flat and clean surface. It is also possible to fill the tank without removing it from the Leva Machine - but it is important to ensure no water is spilt and gets into the machine body.

In future, the MANUMENT Leva Machine will also be available with a connection to the main water supply.

Essential instructions: Always fill the water tank with sufficient clean, cold and soft drinking water. Only use filtered drinking water. This will considerably extend the descaling interval of your MANUMENT Leva Machine. In addition, you will also benefit from better beverage quality, as softer water has a positive effect on the taste of coffee and tea.

Why is the MANUMENT Leva Machine at an angle?

The MANUMENT Leva Machine has a lever which is longer than the levers of traditional spring lever machines. There is a very practical reason for this: lengthening the lever of the MANUMENT Leva Machine reduces the force needed to pull it. The machine's cylindrically shaped body is therefore angled to make the lever easier to use from the improved ability to reach and operate the lever to the reduced risk of injury when the lever is released.

What are the parts that will need to be serviced most frequently?

The MANUMENT Leva Machine should be cleaned after each use: please follow the instructions in the user manual. The Leva Machine must be descaled after 1,000 portions of coffee at the latest, using a commercially available descaling agent suitable for coffee machines. The MANUMENT user manual contains instructions for the descaling process.

Where can I buy the MANUMENT Leva Machine?

Directly at MANUMENT! The MANUMENT Leva Machine is exclusively sold via the MANUMENT website.

How will the MANUMENT Leva Machine be delivered and installed?

If you have ordered a MANUMENT Leva Machine from us, a member of our team will contact you to arrange delivery and installation with you.

When can I order a MANUMENT Leva Machine in my country?

The first series of the MANUMENT Leva Machine will be available for purchase in the DACH region. From 2021, we will expand the sale of the Leva Machine beyond Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will of course inform you on our website as early as possible when the machine will be available for shipping in further countries. Don't miss this and other relevant news by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter.

Will there be a service facility in my area?

The MANUMENT team is working on growing up a global service network of coffee machine technicians. If you have any questions you can always get in touch with us at service@manument.com and get answers and help from us first hand.

Manument Leva Maschine Illustration