Nothing the way it was

Everything just how it should be.

Manument Leva Maschine

Ask of this machine as much as it asks of you. Dedication, experimentation and the desire for really good espresso: that’s what Manument Leva Maschine demands. In return, you get a piece of precision engineering whose unique form follows its function, developed by master baristi and manufactured by hand in Switzerland.

The technology behind Manument Leva Maschine

With a groundbreaking multi-flow heater system (patent pending), Manument Leva Maschine is an energy-efficient espresso machine that does not require pre-heating. The exact amount of water for steam or a shot of espresso is heated just moments before coffee extraction or milk frothing.

The machine is safe to touch throughout operation and generates no waste heat: a feat that is achieved through the use of pioneering technology as well as durable and sustainable materials. In addition, the machine has a manual water-flow system that enables you to determine the desired intensity of water flow to the ground coffee. Manument Leva Maschine is also the first spring-lever machine that makes it possible to maintain a stable brewing temperature, at the optimum level for coffee extraction.

A whole new feeling for coffee preparation. An individual taste experience. In your hands.

Spring piston lever machine with dual flow water heater for coffee extraction and steam.
204 mm
Depth (ncl. portafilter):
655 mm
Height with leva:
760 mm
44 kg
1,6 l