MANUMENT Leva Machine - excellence comes as standard.

This is a machine that demands as much from you as you do from it - dedication, a love of experimentation and commitment to really good espresso. The MANUMENT Leva Machine is a striking design object, handmade in Thun, Switzerland, a piece of precision engineering developed together with barista masters, that gives you an unprecedented level of hands-on control over your espresso extraction.

Machine specifications

Machine type spring piston lever machine
Width ca. 204 mm / 8 in
Depth (incl. portafilter) ca. 655 mm / 26 in
Height with leva ca. 760 mm / 30 in
Height without leva ca. 620 mm / 24 in
Weight ca. 44 kg / 97 pounds
Voltage - Amperage 230 V-AC – 16 Ampere
Wattage max. 3400 Watt
Water tank capacity max. 1,6 l / 54 oz
Features 54 mm portafilter
multi flow-heater-system (individual heaters for coffee and hot water/steam), manual water flow system, steam/hot water wand

Innovation, evolution and the pursuit of perfection.

The MANUMENT Leva Machine is the result of a genuinely radical idea: to rethink the roots of the classic hand lever machine, to highlight its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses making it fit for the coffee world of 2020 and beyond. It stems from two years of development work and thorough scrutinization of every mechanism, every technique, every screw, casing and filament. All within a small but dedicated team of Swiss engineers guided by a former champion barista turned industrial designer. Their ambition? To create an innovative piece of genuinely sustainable technology that places espresso craftsmanship firmly in your hands.

Direct manual control:
Optimal coffee extraction

Water-flow system

The Manument Leva Machine is equipped with a manual water-flow system that can determine the desired intensity of water flow to the ground coffee. This means that the mass flow (grams of water per second) can be adjusted to five opening positions, to suit personal taste as well as the requirements of a particular roast. The result is a completely individual yet utterly harmonious taste experience - both for beginners and seasoned coffee professionals alike.

Multi-flow heater system

Our unique, newly developed multi-flow heater system (patent pending) heats only the required amount of water for a double espresso shot or steaming milk. This means the Manument Leva Machine produces very little excess heat, is immediately ready for use and is incredibly energy efficient. This also prevents overheating and temperature fluctuations during prolonged use, a common problem with conventional lever machines. The water is heated to the desired brewing temperature and kept constant throughout the extraction process.

Preparing espresso with the MANUMENT Leva Machine

The satisfying and engaging manual espresso-making experience of our Leva Machine can individualized and adjusted to suit personal taste and the aroma of the roast:

Manument Leva Maschine Illustration

For the best user experience, a standard profile is recommended to start with. We advise the barista to experiment with different opening sequences in order to extract the optimal taste from their selected beans.

  1. By pulling the Leva lever, two springs are tensioned inside the cylinder. This causes the piston to move upwards, simultaneously water is sucked out of the tank.
  2. As soon as the lever is released at the end stop pressure of approx. 9 bar builds up between piston and water flow valve.
  3. After opening the water flow valve, the water flows through the heater, through the shower and into the portafilter. The empty space above the ground coffee is now flooded with heated water.
  4. As soon as the coffee puck is saturated with hot water the necessary counter pressure for extraction is created in the portafilter.
  5. During extraction, the piston moves down again and the Leva lever returns to its start position. The flow can be controlled with the water flow valve during the entire extraction process and is visible through the movement of the Leva lever.