An industrial designer and former barista champion stands alongside a small team of Swiss engineers, staring at a machine that's been stripped bare. They thoroughly scrutinize and analyze every single one of the components laid out in front of them.

The machine is a traditional spring lever machine - the kind that produced the world's first espresso. It’s beautiful but it's flawed, and not nearly ready for the demands of the 21st century. They all agree a modern espresso machine needs to be safe, consistent, controllable and a good deal more sustainable in its operation. It needs to operate like clockwork. It needs to change the game.

Committed to coffee innovation

One thing unites those diverse individuals standing around that table in Thun, Switzerland more than two years ago - a shared aspiration to take espresso-making to the next level. While one had almost 20 years' experience in coffee, the rest were simply contented coffee drinkers. The challenge they accepted was to combine their expertise and create a spring lever machine that would create amazing espresso and be fit for today's needs and wants, while ensuring the machine's problems become a thing of the past.

Being mostly outsiders to the coffee world provided an added level of out-of-the-box thinking and an increased focus on innovation, going as far as to use medical-grade materials never before used in coffee machine manufacture. But the team didn’t stop there; they went through an extremely intensive development process, rethinking each and every one of those components that they had so carefully scrutinized, with the singular aim, to evolve espresso.

Game-changing technology

And guess what? Two years they actually did it. Built by hand in Switzerland, t 0he MANUMENT Leva Machine is a unique piece of engineering. It's the perfect combination of Swiss precision and international coffee know-how. It's intuitive to operate and offers the discerning coffee maker more control than ever before as well as the finest taste experience imaginable. Using Innovative technology and materials to optimize its features and eradicate the problems of its predecessors it is, in short, nothing less than a game changer.

Reinvented from the inside out, it's a spring-lever machine that redefines espresso and puts a uniquely satisfying sensory experience directly into your hands. With the aim of improving your espresso-making experience and doing justice to the world's finest coffee, we believe the MANUMENT Leva Machine boldly takes the next step in the journey to coffee perfection.