Who we are
is what we make

We are Manument: a team of baristi, designers and engineers, revolutionizing the art of espresso making.

The good, the bad & the sensory

The classic Italian spring-lever machine produced the world’s first espresso, and revolutionized coffee culture. The idea of pulling pressurized hot water through ground coffee – with a manual lever – to create a crema led to a whole new taste experience and brought a sensory element to the process.

But this manual method of preparation has changed little since the 1960s. Both amateur and professional baristi have long had to deal with problems including temperature and pressure fluctuation, cumbersome machines and lengthy heating times. Until now.

With Manument Leva Maschine, we are reviving the sensory espresso-making experience; bringing the best of the manual spring-lever machine into the 21st century. And consigning its problems to history.

The science behind the craft

With Manument Leva Maschine, we wanted to do something radical: to reinvent the manual spring-lever machine from the inside out, optimizing its features and eradicating its problems with innovative technology. We went through an intensive development process, working together in our small team of Swiss engineers, industrial designers and master baristi to redesign each and every mechanism and component, down to the very last screw.

We have created a unique piece of engineering. An exceptional design object. A manual spring-lever machine that is intuitive to operate, offering the discerning barista more control and the finest taste experience.

To ensure that every machine meets the highest standards, we manufacture Manument Leva Maschine in Thun, Switzerland. By hand. Just as the finest manual machine should be.